Insulation is an integral part of masonry construction and maintains the buildings climate. Insulation is sometimes described as a building envelope. This is a separating barrier used to control environmental factors. There are three main types of building envelopes; a weather barrier, air barrier or thermal barrier, these can help with the resistance to water, heat, air, light and noise. A thermal bridge is a point in the building envelope that allow heat conduction to occur, such as a window or a door, contributing to poor energy performance and are most common in wood or steel stud walls.

Types of insulation:

Spray Foam
Sprayed through a gun onto concrete slabs, into wall cavities of an unfinished wall or through holes drilled in sheathing or drywall into the wall cavity of a finished wall.

Insulating Concrete Forms
ICF's are stay in place frameworks made from insulating materials to create energy efficient, reinforced concrete walls.

Structural Insulated Panel
SIP's can be used for ceilings, floors, walls, and roofs and come in various thicknesses. When building a house, they are glued together and secured with lumber and provide the structural support, rather than the studs used in traditional framing.

Fiberglass batts/blanket
Fiberglass batts are precut where as blankets are available in a continuous roll. Cutting the material can create a thermal bridge.

At Tecbuild we supply a wide range of insulation components from leading suppliers such as Celotex, Minsters and Sheffield Insulation.

Products include:

  • Cavity Closer (link seperately to catalogue): insulated extrusions for closing wall cavities at openings such as window reveals and door reveals, reducing heat loss and avoiding thermal bridging, condensation and mould growth.
  • Cavity Wall Batt: cavity lining board which allows brick and/or block traditional cavity (min 25mm) walls to be constructed allowing an unbridged cavity to be retained. Thermal insulation.
  • Insulation Board: a high performance insulation board that is suitable for floor, wall and roof installations. Excellent thermal performance that is more efficient than many mineral fibre products.
  • Fire Redundant Breather Foil: increase the U Value of a timber-frame wall. Performs better than breather membrane insulation properties, foil faced, fire retardant, fully waterproof, low “U” values.
  • Cavity Wall Slab: CWS's are designed to be installed during construction in the cavity between two masonry leaves in external walls.
  • Thermafleece: helps to keep buildings cool in summer and warm in winter. It is ideal for use in roofs and timber framed walls designed to avoid a damaging buildup of moisture by allowing water vapour to migrate through the structure.