Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Sale

  1. All purchase orders are accepted only to these conditions of sale and goods are only delivered subject to such conditions. If the buyer proceeds in any manner with an order, they will be deemed to have accepted these conditions and no amendments or additions there to shall apply unless specifically accepted by the seller in writing.

  2. It is the responsibility of the customer or person receiving the goods to examine the goods immediately upon delivery.

  1. All queries relating to the goods delivered must be reported to Tec Build Services Ltd, Bodmin within two days of delivery. If this time has elapsed then Tecbuild Services Ltd will take no responsibility for loss, damage, shortages or any queries relating to the said order.

  1. Non – delivery must be advised of with 24 hours from the time the goods were expected.

  1. Payment terms are strictly 30 days net and are payable at the end of the month following date of the invoice.

  1. 5% per month will be charged on all monies owing to Tec Build Services Ltd for 60 days or over as shown on our statement.

  1. A 15% restocking charge will be made on all goods returned. We will not accept the return of any goods which are in a un-saleable condition or goods which have been specially ordered by the customer.

  1. We will not accept returns for mixed paints.

Title Retention Clause

  1. Tec Build Services Ltd retain the title to and own all goods until it has received payment in full for all monies owing under this and all contracts.

  1. The buyer shall store the goods in the proper manner suitable to the product type of goods involved.

  1. The customer authorises the company to enter the premises where the said goods are, in any event:

    - Any distress or execution is levied upon any of the asset of the customer.

    - The commencement of legal proceedings against the customer of the purpose of non- payments/ insolvency/ bankruptcy.

    - A receiver be appointed over the whole or any part of your undertaking.

    - The calling of any creditors meetings of the customer.

  1. The goods must not be sold on by the customer.